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Mayor McCheese
I'm a bastard and I bought a 160GB drive for my Macbook and another 1GB stick of RAM. It's going to ooze sexy and be maxi-fast.

I just need VMware Workstation for OS X now! Parallels might get good reviews but I've used it and it's just not very good. Average, gets the job done.
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Macbook is back. They added some scuff marks to the bottom, but not enough to officially complain to Apple about.

They replaced these parts:
  • APP-630-7590 - PCB MLB, 2.0GHZ DC, SMS/KIONIX
  • APP-646-0302 - DSPL 13.3 GLOSSY AUO
  • APP-630-7692 - PCB, MLB, 2.0GHZ DC, SMS/ST
Looks like 2 motherboard parts, and the LCD panel? So far it's working.. we'll see.

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On hold - Part on order (01-Aug-2006)

Awesome, no progress.

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My MacBook is in for repair.

It has this problem:

If it happens again after they fix it, I'm getting a new one.
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"Grandpa took 5 pills of viagra, then skeeted in grandmas pancakes."

That's right. I said it. Okay, not really.

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Mac and PC ad spoofs.


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I've been hunting for a new camera to buy.. something more serious than my video camera's (Sanyo Xacti VPC-C1) photo abilities. Shannon and I were rather disappointed by it's abilities to take pictures at her cousins wedding.

I knew what camera I wanted because after much research I kept being led to a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Probably the cheapest 'serious' camera on the market. Nikon has a similar camera, with a better lens included, but it's specs weren't as good.

Last weekend we went to Ritz Camera to try them both out in person, and both agreed that we liked the Canon better. I would have purchased it there, but they wanted about $140 more than online vendors. Plus tax, which is another ~$50.

So that leads me to today.. I was comparing local & internet stores (Circuit City, Best Buy, Newegg, ZipZoomFly, Costco) for price and extended warrantee. It seems most extended warrantees DO NOT include accidental damage of any kind. Which, with a camera, seems to be your most likely way to have issues. For interest, only Ritz's service plan included accidental damage protection. It was twice as much as other vendors lesser service plans, however.

I discovered my credit card covers any kind of theft or damage to purchases for 90 days, and extends the unit's warrantee 1 year for anything I buy with my card. Pretty nice.

The story: There's been a $100 Canon rebate on the camera since I've been hunting for a new one. All the stores have been offering it so it hasn't been a big deal. Well, at about 12 tonight I realized that the rebate expires today. I kept reading 7/15 on the rebate but it never clicked that it was TODAY (or yesterday, at this point) I was totally bummed. No freaking way I would pay $100 more for the camera. Shannon and I had planned to go out Sunday and probably purchase the camera, no way that was going to happen now.

I got to thinking.. 7/15.. it didn't specify a time or time zone in the tiny print on the rebate. Sounds like a loophole to me! I just went for it, purchased it from ZipZoomFly. They are in California. Order confirmation screen.. Jul 15 2006, 21:15:23 PDT. The order status page only shows the date.. 7/15. I hope this works out.

Also: My cat's poop smells really bad. Phew!~!!!

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Her: I want some l{Mint Chocolate Chip}l ice cream
Me : Go get some!
Her: I'm too bored
Me : You're too bored to go get ice cream?
Her: Yeeaahhh

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