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nitroxide's Journal

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Mayor McCheese
31 October 1983
I have a job doing system administration at a K-12 school district. I'm doing interesting things there and having a blast.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 4.5 years.

I am a very large computer geek. I have a Macbook and a desktop PC. I like all platforms in their own ways.

I am very pro free & open software. I believe intellectual property laws in relation to computers/technology need to be revamped. I believe schools should be using open source much more than they do now. I believe in schools developing their own solutions and not buying 'solutions' from vendors. I believe in the abolishment of per-user taxes/licenses.

I take my personal liberty very seriously.

My political views are fairly liberal. I do not believe capitalism is enough to keep corporations in line. I believe that corporations should be stripped of their rights as a human being. I believe in sustainable industry and the abolishment of those which are not.

I am not nearly as creative as I wish to be. I enjoy photography, but I am sometimes too lazy to seek it out.

I feel that I am not as smart as I wish to be.
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