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That Wiki-Moodle-Blog Mumbo-Jumbo - Mayor McCheese
That Wiki-Moodle-Blog Mumbo-Jumbo
Last week I was in Columbus for the eTech Ohio 2006 State Technology Conference. Lots of things to mull over and implement once I get back to work. More on that later.

The most interesting event that occurred, happened after the conference. After the 12:30 session (on Linux in the classroom) the presenter asked for a little technical support with a laptop issue. A few attendees came up and offered some sage bits of advice. I'm rather shy and I don't really know that much about Linux so I didn't feel it appropriate to offer advice. My coworkers urged me to go up to the stage, so I reluctantly did. The others up at the stage were giving crazy answers, terminal commands, changing permissions. After they left, I offered an easier way. He was astounded at how simple the answer was. He offered to buy me a beer, I accepted. We'd meet later in the hotel bar.

So my coworkers and I hang around for a bit, visiting the vendor area, where everyone was packing up 3 hours early! So much for selling anything! We get tired of walking around so we go to the bar a bit early. Due to an argument I learned something new. Humans have been to the Moon 6 times! (Thanks Wikipedia)

Finally we met up the presenter, David Thornburg. He was accompanied by Bonnie Bracey and her husband. I felt really humbled by the end of the night. I was shown how little I knew about, everything. Even in a specialty area that I live in every day, like instruction technology. David was an advisor to President Clinton on instructional technology. Bonnie did similar things, but I can't remember. We talked about all sorts of things, politics, jokes, stories. Great people, nice as could be. We swapped contact info, I'm interested to see what happens with that.

I'm worried that the 'feeling' of the conference has worn off my coworkers. We got back to work and didn't discuss it. Didn't discuss what we learned, what we hope to actually USE. Short and long term goals.

Friday at work I had a feeling I haven't experienced for a long time. Frustration. Genuine "I want to just go home now" frustration. I'm not sure the REAL reason, but at the time I was trying to get software working and wasn't having any success. I've had much worse situations, under pressure and they didn't get to me. I don't know what happened. Luckily, I did get it to work on a second try. A nasty hack but it works. I felt a lot better, even stayed a few minutes after quitting time.

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